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WELCOME TO THE MISOPHONIA-Selective Sound Sensitivity *4S* Provider Network! This site was created in the summer of 2011 to provide a comprehensive nationwide resource list of providers.

A new article on this important topic was published in the New Republic on July 18, 2013.
A recent
article by Joyce Cohen in the NYT on 9-5-2011 was followed by a segment on The Today Show on 9-8-2011. One small change we would add to the wonderful presentation is that while there is currently no cure for misophonia, there are very helpful management and treatment programs available and new ones emerging. Please take advantage of our providers listed on this site to find out more about what you can do.

On May 18, 2012, ABC's 20/20 featured a show on misophonia and Kelly Ripa (host of an ABC morning show) was interviewed and identified as having misophonia.  Several other misophonics were interviewed and portrayed on the show, and this expanded common knowledge of the condition and its associated symptoms even further. 


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To download an introductory letter that includes basic information about misophonia and that has current treatment information as well as professional providers who can help you, press

The Misophonia Association has filmed the 2013 Annual Convention! The format is a split screen with film of the speaker on one side and their power points on the other. This provides the viewer with a natural experience, as if you were actually at the conference. They are also useful for recalling and reviewing what was presented for those who did attend, or sharing with family, medical providers, or counselors. If you are looking for cutting edge and insightful information about Misophonia, including treatment options from experts in the field, this video series is for you!

Please visit www.GoodluckProds.com for more information on this valuable video series and order a complete set or individual session as a digital download or email misophonia.association@gmail.com 

to order DVD(s)!

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