MISOPHONIA 4S Provider Network USA

Treatment Options

Under the direction of Dr. Marsha Johnson, Audiologist,  the Misophonia Audiology Focus Group created a unique program of treatment for misophonia:  This group of professionals formed itself in July 2011 to meet the needs of those who suffer from misophonia.  We hold quarterly virtual workshops and conferences to share data, protocols, process, and study particular cases and outcomes.  Each member has demonstrated strong professional capacities and interest in this population and is committed to finding accurate assessment and helpful treatment.

The Misophonia Management Protocol (MMP)

There are two main aspects of the MMP, and we are currently enrolling patients and maintaining data on these individuals as they progress through the treatment.  There will eventually be a base of data accumulated that can be publishsed and establish further help for those who suffer from this condition.

Part 1)  Use of sound generating equipment to help abolish and weaken the abnormal connection between the sounds and the autonomous nervous system (evoking rage, anger, frustration, mood changes, the 'lfight or fight' impulse), as prescribed by audiologists who have training in this very specialized field

Part II) Cognitive behavioral therapy with a qualified professional, for six to twelve weeks with focus on the area of misophonia.  These professionals will have experience with OCD, phobias, anxiety, and adolescents when possible.

The MMP requries followup over 12-24 weeks as well as use of the scaling assessment developed by Dr. Johnson, the MRQ, the Misophonia Reaction Questionnaire. 

To date, regional providers have enrolled people in the MMP since September 2010.  Results should be forthcoming by September 2012.  We plan to collect and analyze our multi-clinic data and submit for peer reviewed journal publishing.

The providers in this group are all highly qualified medical providers who have spent considerable time acquiring skills and expertise in this particular area.  Please do contact one of our special network providers to arrange for an evaluation.

To enter an MMP program contact one of the providers on this list. 

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