MISOPHONIA 4S Provider Network USA

Misophonia Association

Please visit the Misophonia Association Home Site
The goal of the association is to provide education, advocacy, research and support for those with misophonia and their families.


Audiologists! Psychologists!
Patients! Family Members!

We hold annual Patient oriented Conventions!
So far we have met
2013 Portland
2014 Orlando
2015  Chicago
2017 Las Vegas
2018 St. Paul, Minneapolis 
Please join us!  We bring the best researchers and the best practice speakers to our meeting, offer supportive workshops, youth programs, up to date world wide access to the top of the field, all part of the non profit organization.

We also offer small grants funding for those interested to conduct graduate school level research in the field, please visit
www.misophonia-association.org for more information.

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